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TRIVIA CVRTrivia for Adults, e-book $4.99, contains 620 questions and answers, and rules of the game. For thinking adults. Mostly science, history, geography, very little concerning entertainment and sports. Arranged in sets of 20 questions followed by 20 answers.


A Pastor’s Adventures, the Good, the Bad, and the Sad.
Nonfiction, autobiography/memoir.PAdv cv

Pastor Joe B. Hewitt's adventures include his call to ministry, seminary humor, the pulpit, the baptistery, the Texas congregations, and missions to Mexico, England, Russia, and Brazil. Hewitt could find humor most places and from most people. He also records events that touch the heart and others that show some people to have evil ingenuity stranger than fiction.
E-book $2.99, ISBN-13: 973-1499277098,