More about the novel, Mystery of the Vanished Gold


First National Bank in Dallas is robbed by three people wearing rubber masks.
They kill two men execution style. The perpstrators and loot disappear.
Texas Ranger Hank Garcia follows clues that take him to Madrid and across Africa where he learns about a Nigerian soldier of fortune who is connected to a gold merchant in Dallas. The gold merchant is a 130-pound martial arts expert who can kill with his bare hands. 
Hank learns that the seductive wife of an Arab Sheikh has been charming men out of their gold. Searching for a motive for the killings, and the gold, Hank goes to Panama, where other characters figure in the mystery, including a handsome hunk who disappeared along with his mistress’ fortune. Hank connects him to Dallas and the Nigerian.
Through F.B.I. and C.I.A. friends, Hank learns that an Al Queda courier, carrying
gold bars from Beirut to the Philippines disappeared with the terrorist organization’s gold who could have been the little guy with lethal hands.
The story involves several strong women characters, a nurse, whose body Hank covets; the Panamanian woman whose lover absconded with her fortune; a 16-year-old aspiring investigator who ends up in a Saudi Arabian jail; and a beautiful female FBI agent whom Hank more than covets; and an attractive assistant district attorney who covets Hank.
In addition to these characters, four dogs are involved in the story, two pit bull dogs that attack Hank, a little Chihuahua named Schwarzenegger and a German Shepherd named Daisy.
If you like a mystery, action, adventure, and changes of scenes without dirty language, you will like Mystery of the Vanished Gold by Joe B. Hewitt.
JBH Publishing, PO Box 808, Fate, Texas 75132, 2013. ISBN 978-1491063705, Library of Congress No. 2013914131, 6x9 Paperback, 300 pages, Price $14.95.