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Debating 101

If two people disagree on an important issue, they can argue, discuss, or debate.
            Much of the debates we hear are poor examples of convincing arguments.
For example, "You're ugly," is not an argument; it's an insult. By insulting an opponent you may bring a chuckle to the lips of your people who agree with your position, but it will not convince others that you are correct in what you say. Rather, it makes people angry, and when they get angry, some people's logic processor shuts down.
"That's the way you people are," insults your family and friends, inflames and angers rather than convinces.
The purpose of debate is not to punish with words, or show an opponent as stupid by stinging him with well-chosen words. Debate is to convince others that your position is correct. Insults and ridicule are counterproductive.
----Joe B. Hewitt


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