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Wolves at My Gate
An allegorical warning
on failing to confront evil.
by Joe B. Hewitt

Wolves at my gate, they snarl and stare.
They can’t hate me. I don’t hate them.
They show their teeth. They crouch and lunge.
To make friends, be a friend, and care.

Surely they’ll see I’m full of love.
One with teats that sag, a mother,
Will see that I’m a mother too.
My hand is harmless as a dove.

She bites me hard. My blood she licks,
I scream; she snarls. Something went wrong.
It has to be my fault somehow,
Or his fault who says, “Kill the bitch.”

I’ll feed the wolves. They’ll come around.
They eat. Tails wag in contentment.
Wolves don’t behave well when hungry.
Just keep them fed. Peace will abound.

My child! Bitten and bloody died.
Deepest grief, my child, cold and pale.
Could she have provoked the wolves?
She may have hurt their pride.

Let’s show them goodness, they’ll be good.
Let’s open the gate. Let them in.
Show them how we try to understand.
Welcome them to the neighborhood.


Islamic extremists are threatening to murder us; they are murdering us. If we ignore the threat, we will be overcome.

Their goal is world domination. If we forget about it, the threat won't go away.

Multitudes of foreigners are coming to the US. Among them are Isis fighters, who are sworn to kill Americans. Among good, law-abiding Muslim families are young men who will be recruited by Isis.

Wolves are at our gate. We must accept the fact. We must take war seriously.

If we love them, there is no evidence they will love us back, but plenty of evidence that they will kill us.



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