Joe B. Hewitt at age 28 while an investigative reporter for the Lima (Ohio) News.

As a reporter, Joe progressed through the Police Beat, Courthouse Beat, and was interim chief photographer. He covered special controversial stories, went under cover for three months and wrote a series of articles exposing vice and crime in Lima and Allen County. He was promoted to copy editor, and then national and international news editor where he was "slot man" on the city desk. (The slot man sits in the center of the horseshoe shaped city desk and coordinates work of the other editors.)

Joe worked as a volunteer in the composing room on his time off to learn the mechanical end of the newspaper business.

He bought a 100-year-old weekly paper, the Throckmorton (Texas) Tribune, and put his general knowledge of the newspaper business to work. Later he bought the Springtown (Texas) Review which he printed in the same plant in Throckmorton.

A commercial printing plant came with the Throckmorton Tribune so Joe got some experience in that business. Later he sold the newspapers and bought Arlington Printing and Duplicating in Arlington, Texas. He left that successful business when he was called to preach and entered seminary.

While in seminary as a full time student, he was editor, publisher, and president of the Richardson (Texas) Digest Corporation, and was pastor of the Richardson East Baptist Church, which he had founded.

The church grew until it was able to pay a half salary. Joe resigned from the newspaper and became Public Relations Director for Texas Alacohol Narcotics Education (TANE). He was editor and publisher of that organization's 60,000 circulation magazine The Christian Crusader, and was general writer for the organization.

After the church had grown and could pay a full time salary, Joe turned down an offer of Associate Executive Director of TANE and devoted full time to the pastoral ministry.

Joe B. Hewitt

Biographical Information

Founding pastor of Richardson East Baptist Church, Richardson, Texas. Served 13 years.
Vocational Evangelist four years.
Pastor of First Baptist Church of Fate, Texas. Served 13 years.
Founding pastor of Princeton Park Baptist Church, Rowlett, Texas. Served 9 years and retired in 2001.

Certified by North American Mission Board, Southern Baptist Convention, as expert on Cults. Conducted seminars and workshops on Cults, Jehovah's Witnesses, Mormonism. Islam, Marriage Enrichment, Conflict Resolution, and Parenting.

I have been active in denominational affairs, attending every Southern Baptist Convention (SBC) except two, 1979-2001, and have been active in the Dallas Baptist Association (DBA) and Baptist General Convention of Texas (BGCT). I served as president of the Dallas Pastors’ Conference. I served three years as chairman of the DBA’s Evangelism Committee, which coordinates association-wide evangelistic efforts and missions. I led the association’s mission partnerships with Russia, New York, and the Virgin Islands, and Idaho.

I previously served as chairman of the Media and Public Relations Committee, and organized a state-wide Media and PR Workshop for pastors and church leaders, held in Dallas in March, 1994. My church received the Texas Baptist Communications Award for 1995. I also served as chairman of the Interfaith Witness Committee, whose function was to help churches bring the gospel to people enmeshed in cults and false religions. I was named “Interfaith Witness Associate of the Year” by the North American Mission Board of the SBC and the BGCT for 1999.

I served as a temporary missionary in Mexico, Brazil, Russia, Oregon, Idaho, New York, and pastored a church in England for a month in an exchange with the pastor of the English church. I served as volunteer chaplain and coordinator of jail ministries for the Rockwall County Sheriff’s Department for 10 years. I also served two days a month as volunteer chaplain at Lake Pointe Medical Center in Rowlett for 10 years.

I worked as a reporter, including police beat and courthouse beat for the Lima (Ohio) News. On one occasion I went "underground" and did an expose' on vice and crime. I was routinely assigned the sensational stories and those that required investigative reporting. I wrote many feature articles and took photographs for many picture pages. I was promoted to national and international news editor and slot man on the city desk.

I owned and published the following Texas weekly newspapers, Throckmorton Tribune, and Springtown Review. While in seminary, I served as editor and publisher of the Richardson Digest.

I wrote a nonfiction book on personal experience that has sold 45,000 copies, entitled, I Was Raised a Jehovah's Witness, (Accent Books, Denver, 1979; Kregel Publishing, Grand Rapids, 1997) It has also been translated into Chinese and is published in Taiwan by the China Sunday School Association.
I wrote for ENCOUNTER!, the youth devotional guide, and Open Windows, the 1.1 million-circulation adult devotional guide, and ALife and Work@ teachers' commentary curriculum for youth, all published by Lifeway Christian Resources, publishing arm of the Southern Baptist Convention, as well as commentaries for adult Sunday school teachers.

I ghost-wrote a book on Bible prophecy for a radio preacher, for 10 years wrote columns for the Rockwall Success, and Rowlett Lakeshore Times, local newspapers. My magazine articles have been published in Mature Living, The Baptist Standard, and Leadership Magazine (published by the Baptist General Convention of Texas), Faith for the Family, Reproduction Methods, and the Christian Crusader. Photographs have been published by Associated Press, United Press International, Popular Mechanics, and several detective magazines (from the days when I was police reporter.).
My travel articles and pictures have been published in The Dallas Morning News, and the Houston Chronicle's Sunday Magazine. Guest editorials have been published in The Dallas Morning News and Spirit of 76, publication of Fort Worth, Texas, Mensa.

For six years I served as editor of the Christian Crusader, a magazine published by Texas Alcohol Narcotics Education, (TANE) which I served as public relations director. In that capacity I also wrote and produced radio and television public service spots, some of which were voiced by Dale Rogers and Steve Allen.

In the last few years I have also been writing fiction. My newest novel Murder on the Sky Ride, by Alexander Whitehouse is an e-book on Amazon's Kindle List.

Member of First Baptist Church, Rockwall, Texas. Member of Mystery Writers of America, Texas State Bar, ADR Section, Association for Conflict Resolution, and Texas Association of Mediators. I am a Texas Mediators Credentialing Association Distinguished Credentialed Mediator. I have been mediating for courts in Dallas and contiguous counties since 2002. Member of Mensa, the high IQ society.

I have traveled extensively throughout all 50 of the United States; Mexico, Canada, England, Scotland, Wales, and have visited Cypress, Turkey, Lebanon, Syria, Greece, Israel, Brazil, Colombia, Panama, Costa Rica, Spain, France, Italy, Malta, and several Caribbean islands. I made three trips to Russia, including Nyabrisk and Muravlenko, Siberia, about 1,650 miles E-NE of Moscow at 64 degrees N. latitude; Chelyabinsk and Yekaterinburg and surrounding areas in the Eastern Urals; and Moscow.

I received a BD degree from Arlington Baptist College, and an MA degree in Biblical Studies from Dallas Baptist University. Each year I have continuing education in mediation as required for credentialing as well as continuing education in the counter-cult ministry.






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