In this book you will see documented facts about the Watchtower Society:

It is a religion that lies.

The Watchtower is a religion that trains people to lie.

Sex abusers use Kingdom Halls because they know the Jehovah's Witnesses leadership will not prosecute them unless there are two eyewitnesses.

The WT provides sanctuary for pedophines in the Kingdom Halls.

Rather than prosecuting, or at least exposing sex abusers of children, the Jehovah's Witness Elders shield the perpetrators and keep their dirty secrets.

Excerpts from Rescuing Slaves of the Watchtower


            Jehovah’s Witnesses believe the Watchtower Society is God’s organization and speaks for Him. Therefore, the JW approves of anything the Society says or does: The end justifies the means. You can deceive or outright lie to any worldly person. After all, they do not deserve to know the truth.

Some people don’t deserve to know the truth? Yes, according to the Watchtower’s Aid to Bible Understanding, Watchtower Bible and Tract Society of New York 1971, Page 1060 under description of Lie.

The Jehovah’s Witness sees lying, doctrinal contradictions, hypocrisy in the leadership, double standards between the hierarchy and membership, sexual abuse of children ignored or covered up, and the hundreds of millions of dollars of income from efforts of volunteer workers going who-knows-where. But the JW does not allow these thoughts into his conscious perception. He would feel guilty, thinking sinful thoughts. He also realizes that he is a small entity compared to the gigantic Watchtower Society fervently believed in by almost seven million people around the world. He is powerless to resist or work for change. He learns to adapt by treating his conscience the same way the Society treats him: shush it up; get your mind on something else; stay busy studying Watchtower literature and doing kingdom work; dare not question the authority of God’s earthly organization.

Belief in the divine authority of the Watchtower Society is the stone and mortar that holds the Watchtower together.
Can we rescue Jehovah’s Witnesses from intellectual and emotional bondage? Yes. Can we break down the stone and mortar of the Watchtower and lead its prisoners into the light of Christ? Yes, we can.




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The book contains endorsements from Dr. Bob Dean, Executive Director of Dallas Baptist Association; Dr. Rudy Gonzalez, Dean, Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary; and Dr. Jimmy Draper, President Emeritus of LifeWay publishing.