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Author Joe B. Hewitt was a third-generation Jehovah’s Witness who has spent most of his adult life exposing the Watchtower’s false teachings and helping Jehovah’s Witnesses get free from mental bondage to Christian liberty.

This book shows



Rescuing Slaves of the Watchtower, ISBN 978-1-61315-0061 ; 260 Pages. 6X9 inches. Published by Hannibal Books, Garland, TX 75046-1592, Ph. 800-747-0738. Retail, $14.95; for order information click here. Book stores and ministries, order wholesale from Hannibal Books, PO Box 461592, or from Ingram/Spring Arbor, or directly from the author.

Outline of Contents

Rescue is Possible
Why Millions leave the Watchtower.
JWs Drop Out from Physical and Mental Exhaustion
JWs Are Kicked Out
JWs Leave in Disgust over Immoral Leaders
JWs Come Out After Reading the Bible in Context

Bible Ping Pong Doesn’t Work
Being Rude Doesn’t Help
Treating the JW Like an Enemy Doesn’t Help

Touch the Mortar Joint
It’s Okay to Lie, The Watchtower Says

A License to Lie

Outright Lies by the Watchtower
How Many Lies Does It Take to Qualify You as a Liar?
Dishonest Deception
JWs Have Their Share of Hypocrites 
JWs Have Typical Marks of a Cult 

What is the Society Afraid of?

Watchtower Hierarchy

Big Money Organization

Arbitrary Authority

What if Everyone Became a JW?
The Hierarchy Father Figure

Jehovah’s Witnesses’ Mind Games
JWs Practice Group Paranoia
Does Believing a Fantasy Make it True?
Compartmentalized Thinking

Callous Cruelty
Kind and Loving vs Heartless

Still Anti-Education

Confront the Real Truth
The Watchtower’s Custom Made Bible
The Truth About False Prophecies
Indictment of False Prophets
Two Ways of Prophesying
Indictment Against Counterfeit Christians
Christ Hidden in Secret Chambers
Proof by Widows and Orphans
Selfish Motives
Prayer Not Allowed by the Watchtower
Point of Collapse


What is the Gospel of the Kingdom?
Correcting Nonsense about God’s Name
How the Name “Jehovah” Came About
Do JWs Properly Worship Jehovah?
The Truth about The Truth
Who are the Apostates?
How Does One Deny that Jesus is the Christ?
The 144,000 Male Jewish Virgins
The Truth about Blood
What is a Soul?
What is a Spirit?
What is Resurrection?
What the Bible Teaches about Hell
Why are they Called Witnesses?
Who are the Real Witnesses?
Is Jesus a Lesser God?
Bad Grammar Bad Theology

Understanding The Trinity

Repair the Reflexes
Obey Without Thinking
Indoctrinated to React Automatically
Mind Control Process
Correcting the “Cross” Reflex
The Compulsion to Follow
The Bad Boy, Organized Religion
Sound Bites for the Christian Witness

Enjoy Christian Freedom
Released Prisoners
Assurance of a Heavenly Home
Encourage the Freedman
Loving the LORD More and More
An Objective Look at the Cults


Glossary of Terms
End Notes



Rescuing Slaves of the Watchtower contains endorsements from:
Dr. Bob Dean
Executive Director Dallas Baptist Association.
Dr. Rudy Gonzales
Dean, SWBTS.
Dr. Jimmy Draper, President Emeritus, Lifeway.